Monday, 22 November 2010

Edinburgh- White Stuff store

This weekend I went to Edinburgh and stayed on George Street. I visited the White Stuff shop (the biggest in the country) and was delighted by what I found.

I loved the work in their new catalogue; they gave it the bulky appearance of a leather bound story book and each section inside represented a different fairytale with a different model and their illustrated animals friends.
They used the animal illustrations throughout the store and in the front window.

Other detaills included a 8 metre fiberglass tree growing through the atrium. A rotating merry-go-round and vintage kiddies rides. Rapunzel's hair cascaded down from a model on the first floor, and there was a giant sweet counter complete with bulky vintage tills. You were also greeted by a sharply dressed concierge at the entrance, which was a rather nice feature if I do say so.

One of the greatest features was the changing rooms. A corridor of wardrobes you had to walk through to find a secret room through the back. Basically you tried on clothes in Narnia, how awesome is that?! Apparantly there were different kinds of secret rooms (a boy's bedroom, a beach hut, and even E.T's closet!) I only went in the Enchanted forest one, might have been kicked out if I tried to get in all the others.

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