Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Random Oddities- Deer Weather Barometer

I've been rummaging for various props for Rosie G's upcoming art direction shoot for her new catalogue, and uncovered my Nana's old deer head/weather barameter.
This is pure tat at its (100% plastic) finest, but I love it so much. I remember seeing it as a child and thinking it must be magic.

I've currently got it up on my wall above the fireplace and sofa in my student house.

The stodgy blue sofa and shabby wallpaper is courtesy of my landlord, all the knickknacks on the mantlepiece are mine. They include a painting of an owl Jane Bowyer made me last Christmas, an empty beer bottle I took from a 'professional ghost' in York, a Very Hungry Caterpillar plush from Sarah Swanton, an Amanda Visell figure I bought in Amsterdam, and my favourite photo of my mum. 

I'll stop blathering about my bizarre trinkets for now. In the next few months I'll be finishing university and looking for a new house to fill with more of my weird stuff, I can't wait!

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