Friday, 1 April 2011

April's Give-away

This month I'm giving away a mounted and signed matt owl print from my recent exhibition 'Out of the Woods'.

Step One: Follow this blog. If you already have then hooray you're half-way there!
Step Two: Comment on this post telling me what you would call this owl. It's completely up to you
, and then maybe it'll be your's to keep!
Step Three: Check back here on the closing date where I'll announce the winners.

The give-away deadline is Monday April 29 6.00pm GMT
The winner will be picked out at random.
This competition is available internationally so you can enter regardless of living outside the UK.
If the winner does not respond in three days of being announced a new winner will be selected.
And while you're still reading this small print why not 'like' One Owl Please on facebook?


  1. I'll call him Rodger. Rodger the night-owl.
    Cause Rodger just sounds awesome.

    Thanks for the giveway!
    - Ines

  2. I dub thee Mulligatawny Owl. Souper.

  3. I follow!

    That owl is too cute. Crossing my fingers.


  4. awww I want to call him Harold... Harold the Hooter lol

  5. Aww i wanted Harold but it's taken! gotta go with Archimedes 8> hoooo

  6. For some reason, the owl looks like a girl owl to me, so I think I would name her Abby. Thanks for the giveaway! The owl is really cute!

  7. pussycat,
    your blog is oober fabulous!
    your fancy posts are rather delightful!
    happy blogging, you wonderful being! x x

  8. Thanks very much Lauren!
    Great ideas so far guys, lets keep them coming!

  9. I think you should call her Rosie because you love your Rosie <3

  10. The first name that popped into my head for this owl was Edith. I think it would suit her well.

  11. I love it. I call him Caruso. hugs

  12. Found this blog via My Owl Barn. LOVE it!
    I would call him Hank.


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