Monday, 11 July 2011


This time last week I returned from my trip to Morocco. We stayed in Agadir, the sea breeze and heat was more forgiving on the coast. Many adventures occurred such as The Great Camel Excursion: Journey to the Flamingos (there were no flamingos). Voyage of the Sea Canoes: Kelly Tackles a jellyfish Kraken, and lastly Mega Cowan vs. Giant Bout of Seasickness (see below).
We also went and explored Marrakech for a day where we discovered you can actually sweat from your eyelids in 43 degree weather. We visited the beautiful Majorelle Gardens and a royal palace (I couldn't find the exact name) both of which had breath-taking architecture. 
The atmosphere and the culture in Morocco is amazing. From the bustling souks in Marrakech to the wise-cracking crew of a boat in Agadir, who think it's wise to dump sea water from a bucket which had previously contained fish on a seasick tourist.

Camel rides and the best behaved camel in the world.


Contrast. (The sea looks deceptively calm in this photo, don't be fooled!)

And now some nice snaps:


  1. No way! I'm going to Marrakech on Wednesday for a week :D
    Can not wait for the heat and food and architecture and people and galleries and day trips!

  2. You'll love it. Be wary of the men with monkeys and snakes in the Djamaa El Fna!

  3. Ohhh, why? I hope these are real monkeys and snakes and not a metaphor...
    I'm staying about ten minutes away from the square, it looks beautiful.
    Glad you had a good time!

  4. Before you know it they drape you in them (monkeys and snakes- not at the same time though) so you can take pics and the next minute they're charging you 500 dh! Didn't happen to me but saw it happen to many other people when we sat over looking the square. Just gotta have your wits about you, but you'll do fine.


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