Sunday, 11 December 2011

Feature: Iron Hills Clothing

Last month I was privileged to become the owner of one of the first tees released from new up and coming clothing range Iron Hills.

The 'Freshly Caught' design instantly grabbed my attention. It's a breath of fresh air seeing detailed illustration in new clothing companies, in contrast to the new trend of clothing with grainy hipster photographs and some helvetica slapped over it.

I wanted to find out more about what Iron Hills brand image is about, and what we can expect from them in the future.

"What is the driving force behind Iron Hills Clothing?"
Well when I first started planning ideas for the company in 2010 it was going to be a concept based clothing line, almost like its own fantasy story setting that produces clothing. I have still used some of the ideas from my initial plan, but I change my mind so often that I wasn’t sure how it would catch on. Maybe one day I’ll start doing it again on the sly.

"What are the product values of Iron Hills?"
Personally I think that other clothing lines are far too extortionate, I can’t justify charging £20 for a one colour t-shirt; that’s £17 profit per shirt. We stand for affordable clothing and interesting designs. On top of that we also support the music scene, and we’re looking at doing a featured artist page in 2012.

"Who makes up the Iron Hills team?"
I run it single-handedly, but I consider anyone who supports us part of my team, My close friends are great help, so we are all a team in some ways.

"Where did the name 'Iron Hills' come from?"
It came up in 2010 when I was coming up with the concept, I really liked it and then I realized that there is a place in Lord of the Rings called Iron Hills, and as a huge fan that confirmed the decision.

"What products and big things can we expect from Iron Hills in 2012?"
2012 is going to be a big year for us. We only started in November and have released a few pieces, but 2012 is going to (hopefully) host our first full collection. A summer one to be precise. We will also be doing a few re-prints in January and February to keep things going whilst we work on the new release.

You can buy products from Iron Hills' online shop or find out more on their facebook page.


  1. Love the T-shirt, I can see why you were drawn to them. You going to see if they'll collaborate with you in the future? I can totally see some of your sketches on them!

    Think I better go buy myself a shirt now :)

  2. You should definitely buy one, they're awesome! Have to see about a collaboration, watch this space!


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