Thursday, 26 April 2012

Walker Ellis Design and Photography

This post has been long overdue, but better late than never as they say.
Last year I had the pleasure of working in house with Walker Ellis Photography and Design back home in Cumbria. Tim, James and the team provided me with so much valuable experience post-university. I attended pitches and worked with a variety of local (and not so local) clients.

A few concept illustrations for a food packaging pitch.

The studio has also become the first and only photographic company in the UK to use a brand new ground breaking imaging and mapping technology called a SwingletCAM. 
I was lucky enough to be in the studio the day we had a demonstration (and it was a beautiful day for it as well). The easiest way I can describe it is as a robot/bird/kite/plane hybrid (which contains a 12MP camera) that can be directed safely from the ground. You can see a one in action here.

Get ready...
...lift off!
A beautiful day up in Threlkeld Quarry.

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