Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Valentine's Day Owl Gift Wrap

It's that bizarre time of year again where shops start stocking Valentine's and Easter gifts. Maybe they should merge the two and create some kind of Love Egg holiday.
Anyways if you're an early bird and like to get your gifts sorted early I've just created some Valentine's wrapping paper as a free download for My Owl Barn.

You can download here on my website.
Or here on my Flickr, and click original size and then  "Download the Original size of this photo"

And if you really wanna overdose your loved one with owliness this Valentines why not check out my etsy shop?


  1. Wow! Positively, absolutely, love, love, love it! Thank you!


  2. Oh my gosh, this paper is SO super cute!!!

  3. owlrific! haha (excuse my insane idiocy.. I can't help myself sometimes)
    I like how you've shown it used! It's very cute and classy. Might be really cool to see screen printed onto newsprint or something too!

  4. Thanks so much guys :)
    Good idea about the newspaper Nicole, I'll have to try that!


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