Monday, 31 January 2011

Kate Nash Poster

Kate Nash is visiting the Brickyard Carlisle in April. 
I was given a photo and her logo to work with, and asked to use the ribbon motif I've used before, like on my Idlewild poster I did last year.
I know Kate's image as a musician and a woman is quite kitsch and slightly prim, but in her recent tour info she's described as "a cross between Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen, only with more balls". I wanted to keep a feminine quality but make it slightly more gritty and vampy like her lipstick, so– tattoos!

Here's some progress work too on the sketches and watercolour work.


  1. What a sweet and cool poster! And for Kate Nash too!
    A whole new level of awesomeness :)
    I really like your owls too!


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