Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

I want to dedicate this post to an awesome new cartoon, the wonderfully weird and fabulously fun (and sometimes scary!). Wikipedia very effectively sums up the general storyline:

"12-year-old human Finn, who was found in the woods as a baby by a dog family, and his best friend and adopted brother Jake, a 28-year-old dog with stretching powers, are adventurers living in the Land of Ooo, a setting full of surreal characters, with fantasy and post-apocalyptic elements. The duo's typical adventures involve saving princesses, fighting evil monsters, exploring dungeons, helping people in need and stopping crooks. Along the way, they frequently meet strange and interesting characters."

Fred Siebert (creator of Adventure Time, Fairly Odd Parents) has an awesome collection of character sheets, title cards and backgrounds on his Flickr account. I love all the hundreds of different unique characters they come up with.


It also has awesomely wacky and painfully addictive songs, below is one of my favourites.


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