Friday, 4 February 2011

The Sun Explodes Octopus Poster

This poster is proving quite popular! For The Sun Explodes' Newcastle Trillians gig.
I was trying to think of a dynamic concept which involved some kind of battle with the sun. What's more dynamic than a gigaton octopus with thousand feet long extremities?

 Make sure to check out the band's website. They'd love you forever for it.


  1. I like. How did you create this? Did you hand draw it and scan in or was it all done digitally? Just curious :)

    check out this guy:

    I met him today. You may like his stuff.

  2. That's so spooky– my friend just showed me his work just now. I really like it!

    For this poster I sketched out the image, scanned it in and drew out the simple (almost vector like) shapes. To make it look printed I took a rough texture (I think it was gravel or something rocky) and used the magic wand to make small, scattered selections to subtract pieces from the shapes to create that mock screenprint effect. I used a watercolour texture for the sea too.
    It's basically a combination of that technique and then a generous use of the multiply layer option :)

  3. Yeah I think your mock screen print effect if particularly effective. I was working with Oivind again yesterday and he was taking about similar effects he does on his work. He's been in my uni helping out all week with screen printing. Very helpful guy.

    He's very good for advice too if you email him. He may be particularly helpful to you as some of your work is similar. I'm sure he wont mind you contacting him if you wanted to ask him a few things.


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