Saturday, 27 August 2011

Alphabet Bestiary: C

Chupacabra: Modern Day. Chupacabra translates from Spanish as "goat sucker" as it has been known to attack and drain the blood from livestock.  The Chupacabra has leathery, scaley skin and appears almost repitilian, but with prominent canine features. It is rumoured that it can grow up to the size of a bear, with spikes or quills running down its spine. It emits are horrendous screech when provoked, and its eyes glow a terrifying red.

A is for Alce
B is for Basilisk
C is for Chupacabra
D is for Dragon
E is for ?
F is for ?
G is for ?
H is for ?
I is for ?
J is for ?
K is for ?
L is for ?
M is for ?
N is for ?
O is for ?
P is for ?
Q is for ?
R is for ?
S is for ?
T is for ?
U is for ?
V is for ?
W is for ?
X is for ?
Y is for ?
Z is for ?

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