Monday, 13 February 2012

Alphabet Bestiary: D

Dragon: Worldwide. Often large in size, the dragon is a fire breathing lizard with many varieties of existing in the world. Some believe they represent chaos and destruction, others peace and luck. When not eating or setting fire to large portions of the countryside, dragons spend most of their time guarding their hoards which range from vast amounts of treasure to fair maidens. Slaying a dragon was considered the highest achievement in Medieval times.

This took longer than I would have liked, so apologies for the delay! The first portrait postcard of the series; D is for Dragon. It seemed an obvious choice after my obsession with Skyrim over Christmas. I wanted to draw a dragon that was fat, and slightly dumb, yet still creepy looking. I had to include the ridiculous little T-rex arms!

D is for Dragon
E is for ?
F is for ?
G is for ?
H is for ?
I is for ?
J is for ?
K is for ?
L is for ?
M is for ?
N is for ?
O is for ?
P is for ?
Q is for ?
R is for ?
S is for ?
T is for ?
U is for ?
V is for ?
W is for ?
X is for ?
Y is for ?
Z is for ?


  1. and a fine Welsh beast it looks to be. ;)
    love his face! I was just thinking how I wished you would continue this series of creatures!

  2. I need to get into a pattern with these- at least one a month!
    Thanks for the support, I'm glad you like the series :)


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