Thursday, 18 April 2013

Blab Talks

BLAB is a series of talks in Manchester, organised by Matt Booth, which feature speakers from all across the creative spectrum. From designers to illustrators, photographers to UI developers. No matter what your job in the creative industry (arguably any industry) or background, BLAB offers a look into the lives and inspirations of some exciting, accomplished people.

The most inspirational of which I believe is Gavin Strange, senior designer at Aardman. His talk was so motivating and heartfelt, and his can-do attitude left everyone glowing with positivity afterwards. 
Luckily, all the talks are recorded and uploaded to Vimeo, so I strongly recommend making a pot of tea and settling down to watch it for yourself (you can hear me woop at the mention of Adventure Time at 43:25, sorry..)

Some of my other favourite BLAB speakers include:

Mr Bingo - Illustrator
Kevin Meredith (LomoKev) - Photographer
Peter Crawley - Multichannel Designer/Illustrator
Nik Roope - Industrial and Digital Media Designer/Entrepreneur

If you're interested in attending a future BLAB talk you can do so through their Meetup page
Follow their Twitter for updates on upcoming events. 
You can also watch videos of past talks on their Vimeo page.

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